GSA Auctions Household/Personal Update


03/22/2022 03:02 PM EDT

CURRENT BID: $20    STATE: CA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 03-29-2022 01:02 PM CT.

  FLOOR POLISHER. Mfg: Tennant, Mdl: 5700 Floor Polisher/ Vacuum Cleaner. Repairs required including but not limited to: **Item does not work and needs batteries. It has not started in over six years. Defects are not limited to those known. Personal inspection is strongly encouraged. Contact Theresa Anders at 916-394-4377, M-F 8am To 4pm PST with inquiries or to schedule a viewing. The loading and transport of property is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. 1631K82054SCVC1